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Drivers GURU Application Policy

  1. Privacy Policy:
    • Only the location is required (user permission is needed).
    • The location is safely stored in our servers and never shared with any third parties.
    • Drivers GURU collects location data (if permission is given). The location is transferred to the back end server and it is used to locate the vehicle to provide information about the location and status of our vehicles. Our app will be used only by the staff of our company. Specifically, by our drivers. The driver will be interacting with the app only when the vehicle is stationary but we need the app to send its location every 10 seconds to our Server so our Dispatch Team can monitor and provide support so the location is necessary to be collected when the screen is ON and the app is in use. We have a permanent notification enabled the entire time the app is using the device’s location.
  1. Terms of Service:
    • Users can only access the application by requesting an account from our company (mainly our employees).
    • The user should not share the data provided to him through the Driver’s GURU app.
    • The account of the user can be terminated when the cooperation between the user and the company is ended.
  2. Security Measures:
    • The user account is created by our company and the password is only known to the user, as we encourage him to not share it. No one inside the company can see the user’s account password.
    • In case of suspicious activity the user can contact our company to investigate if there is an issue.
  3. Compliance with Laws:
    • Driver’s GURU team is committed to any restriction and guidance, as the law changes frequently, Drivers guru app is changing too.
  4. User Conduct:
    • The user is obligated to not share any information provided to him by Driver’s GURU app.
    • Any leak on the company’s sensitive information shared with the user can lead to legal actions.
    • The user should NOT use the app while driving, this is not a navigation app and the users should not be distracted by it while driving.
  5. Termination of Services:
    • The account of the user can be terminated when the cooperation between the user and the company is ended.
    • The user will be informed about the possibility of the deletion of the account at the beginning of the cooperation with the company providing him the account.
  6. Communication Policies:
    • The Driver’s GURU app may send notifications of schedule changes and in app messaged from the traffic department.
    • The user can turn the notifications off through the settings of his device in case he does not wish to receive notifications.
  7. Feedback and Support:
    • Any feedback can be sent to the email
    • The user sends feedback to the email, then our developer team examines the situation and then solves the issue or adds the feature if necessary.
  8. Updates to Policies:
    • The policies can be updated as the laws change and the Driver’s GURU app is evolving.
    • These policies apply until any future need of change.