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Ταξί Θεσσαλονίκη

Vergina & Ancient Pella

  • Roadtrip Plan
  • 199€
    Duration 10 hours
  • 08:00 Departure from Thessaloniki
  • 08:45 Arrival in Ancient Pella
    (Museum visit) 
  • 10:30 Arrival in Vergina
    (Museum visit)
  • 11:30 Vergina walk around and coffee break
  • 13:00 Return to Thessaloniki
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The palace and the royal tombs of Vergina

In this area lay the capital of the ancient Macedonian State, Aigai. Here are the Palaces, the ancient theater and the Royal Tombs. Philipp’s Tomb with the invaluable findings (golden casket, urn, wreaths, shield etc), all of which are elements of worldwide glory. The area of the Royal Tombs with its shelters is particularly imposing to the visitor.


Roadtrip Plan

Both the driver and the vehicle you have chosen will be in the pick-up place you have indicated.

The extra services you have inquired during the reservation process will be available in the vehicle.

The total duration of the trip is 5 hours, including the route from and to Ancient Pella & Vergina Tomb, which is 2 hours.

Each trip has a core design, but this does not exclude any adjustments to personal preferences, prior to agreement.



TLT Vergina Macedonia Greece Stravon
TLT Vergina Ruins 2
TLT Vergina Ruins
TLT Vergina Μουσείο
TLT Vergina Alexandros
TLT Vergina Pella
TLT Vergina Golden Larnax
TLT Vergina Tafos
TLT Vergina Λάρνακα
TLT Vergina Mosaic in Pella
TLT Vergina Τάφος
TLT Vergina Ασημένιο αγγείο (τάφος Φιλίππου Β')
TLT Vergina κλίνη αλέξανδρου Δ'
TLT Vergina Ξίφος Φιλίππου
TLT Vergina Πανοπλία προθαλάμου
TLT Vergina Το Μουσείο βασιλικών τάφων Βεργίνας
TLT Vergina Το χρυσό διάδημα της Μήδας
TLT Map Vergina

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