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The Fleet of cars belonging to TLT consists of modern and safe vehicles, which have been chosen under the criterion of the ultimate satisfaction of our customers. Our company offers perfectly trained staff and drivers absolutely on par with the strictest international standards of road safety.

With TLT you are in good hands!

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Mercedes Benz S Class Long Edition

A symbol of automotive

Mercedes Benz S Class Long Edition has always been a symbol of style in the luxury category. With every new generation, its unique exterior sets new standards through the innovative design and the range of equipment. The characteristic front part, the clear lines and the long wheel base give the imposingness and the greatness of this car. Mercedes Benz S Class Long Edition combines absolute comfort with the cutting edge technology and extensive features of safety.

The interior of Mercedes Benz S Class Long Edition offers real comfort and elegance. The curves and the carefully chosen and harmonically combined materials create an extremely luxurious atmosphere. Exquisitely combined materials in a masterful way, offer a unique feeling. The functionality and the aesthetics of all the elements of equipment and decoration have been originally examined. The changes include the central console, the doors and the armrests which now have elements of noble wood.
Mercedes Benz S Class Long Edition really honours its name: “long edition”, offering the rear passengers even more space for their legs and having for all the passengers extra features and conveniences.

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Mercedes Benz E Class

Mercedes Benz E Class sets standards, not only in the design, but mainly in the comfort and safety – for instance through the optionally active multifunctional seats which include a massage option or the drawing attention system ATTENTION ASSIST, which is included in the basic equipment. After having developed automatically the driver’s profile, ATTENTION ASSIST can identify the first indications of sleepiness and alert the driver to have a break through audible and visual signals.
The inner design of Mercedes Benz E Class is unparalleled while at the same time the carefully chosen materials, of high quality processing, create a unique atmosphere. The setup of the gauges is clear so both the driver and the passengers can stay focused on only the important – pleasure!



Mercedes Benz MiniVan

Inside the Mercedes Benz MiniVan you will immediately feel hospitable. The ergonomically designed interior with the large cockpit and the comfortable seats, offers comfortable and pleasant stay. Fabrics and materials of high quality, as well as a series of exclusive details have been designed in order to ensure your well being both in short and longer routes.

The very well studied philosophy of the storing space, get the Mercedes Benz MiniVan in order. It has a big central screen with glass-cases, a storing space in the ceiling and cases in the doors, big enough to fit an 1.5 liter bottle. As a result, you can be sure that in Vito there is a place for everything. Either in winter or in summer, inside Mercedes Benz MiniVan you will be hardly affected by the environmental temperature. This is because the van incorporates a heating system with a five-scale fan in the basic equipment. Mercedes Benz MiniVan guarantees you pleasant and restful transfers with infinite freedom of movement and keeps high the mood of both the driver and the passengers, even during long routes.



Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis, with the updates in soundproofing and (according to Toyota) the rigidity of the frame, has attempted to set new standards as far as comfort is concerned, which has always been its advantage. In the interior one can distinguish the single dashboard, which is made of soft touch plastic with fine finishing, as well as the perfect assembling of all the individual plastic surfaces. In general, it is a dark colored but very comfortable interior, with ample space, carefully designed ergonomy and great usage. The driving seat is comfortable, with moderate lateral support, while the peripheral vision is unobstructed.

Toyota Prius Hybrid

Toyota Prius is the first hybrid car of massive production, began its trading course in Japan in 1997. Two generations later, its sales are over 1.2 million worldwide, providing the third one with all the necessary supplies in order to continue the success of its predecessors. The new Japanese hatchback is another revolutionary vehicle, with extra technological advances so as to be even more economical and environmentally friendly!

Skoda Octavia

Unique balance between elegant and aggressive design, cutting edge technology, ample space for passengers and luggage and excellent driving performance. Over two million customers all over the world, place Skoda Octavia on top of its category.

The new features and the setup of the interior, place even greater emphasis on the feeling of comfort and security.

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